Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Redd Up Yer Head Hat

Having a bad hair day? Yunz best redd up yer head with my new red hat! I took my sack of yarn to Brooke's and while we watched the entire Lord of the Rings extended dvd, I crocheted several hats. The last hat that I gave up on was the red hat, which ended up being my favorite! I used an old pattern for a beret, but added a brim. I was frustrated that the brim wasn't looking brimmy enough so I sewed two sides up. I loves it! Then I did a row of sc on the outside of the hat and above the brim, which I think gives it a really polished look. I took a lot of pics from alot of angles bc I loves it!

Hats...and Shoes?!

Giving what the public wants: more hats and more Marty.

Check it out on Nike's website ... my boy is a celeb.
I give him free hats so my work can be seen when the paparazzi snap.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hats A-go-go!

Hi TeaBeans blog fans (all one of you)! This weekend I was a hat factory, producing overtime. It was blizzardy in this NYC so I picked up a load of cozy yarn and made hats all weekend long! Since I normally don't have time to make so many crafties, I am going to post hats every week to give you something to read since everyone complains that my blog isn't worth reading because I post so sporadically and infrequently. Jerks. Anyways, enjoy the fiesta de sombreros in the upcoming weeks!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Creeping Rose Vine Cardigan

Here is my first attempt at a cardigan. I initially was going to make it very long with two pockets on either side of the opening and half-sleeves. I used this free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn as the foundation. It was a very easy-to-follow pattern, using mostly 2 dc in one ch to make a "V-stitch." After I made the sweater to the lengths I wanted, I decided it needed more flair than just pockets. I found a leaf pattern in the book Crocheting School: A Complete Course, using that for the right side (with the big rose).

I modified the pattern for the left side (with the two little roses). The leafs were made by chaining and using slst, sc, hdc, dc, tch, dc, hdc, sc, slst in a row, varying the number of each in the sequence, to make the arch. I used a rosette pattern also from Lion Brand Yarn's site. I stitched the roses and vines to the sweater using a needle--nothing fancy. I may add buttons, but for now, I like the sweater open. It's called the Creeping Rose Vine.