Thursday, June 16, 2011

Team Teabeans!

Hi! Marty was just saying today that I should update my blog.  Fortunately, only minutes later, my future sis-in-law sent me this ADORABLE snapshot of my future nephew in the little hat I made for him!  So for all of you dying for a blog post, here goes:
I DIEEE!!!  Too cute!!!

Anyways, I hope to get some crochet mojo soon.  With work crazy and fabulous summer weather, it's hard to find any time to crochet at night!  Plus I am wedding planning, volunteering, and trying to squeeze in time to see my friends.

Side note, Marty just said to me, "WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO?! YOUR IPOD FROM 2001?!"
Soooo that one Harvey Danger song and Saves the Day do not = current?  Suspect.