Sunday, March 14, 2010

No News is a Snooze

I really haven't been crocheting lately. I posted a leaf headband on my Etsy shop, but no one buys anything off that anyways... ha! Kind of losing my mojo for crochet. Giving away a few dresses I made (if Iron Martin will let me).

Anyways, sorry to anyone out there who is still checking my blog! If you want that green hat I made, let me know; and I can send it to you - $20. I have a lot of things going on and not much inspiration for crochet. I like making things to be creative and sharing it on my blog. Unfortunately I just can't make all the things that people ask of me, and it kind of killed my interest. Did you know that the EASIEST hat that I can make takes me over three hours? Crochet can be really hard and time consuming.

Anywho... thanks for reading, but I can't promise anything new for a while. Hope you all have a great spring & summer!!!