Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is this thing on?!

Sooo... does anyone read this thing anymore?! Things have been crazy busy for Katiebeans the past 3 weeks! First was the snowy weekend in Lancaster. Next was the beach weekend. (Iron Martin in Teabeans, pictured above.) Finally, I went to Pittsburgh for my sister's bridal shower!

The moral of the story is, I have been far too busy to crochet and blog! Plus, I have been able to run with out (major) issues with my injured foot on the treadmill so I am really trying to build up my endurance again, which takes up a lot of time during the week.

Long story boring, I am hoping to post my latest hat on Etsy and to make a few little things this week. Oh, also, I just got a new Macbook, so I am trying to figure that out.

Until then, I will leave you with my fabulous sparkler skills from winter beach trip 2010! Can you tell what it is??? (Hint: it's a heart)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Road Trip!!!

Tomorrow we are off to the beach! It's a winter tradition! Below are some pics from last year of Iron Martin & Katiebeans in our Teabeans hats at the beach.
Hope you have a good long weekend!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sneak Peak: New Slouchie Beanie

I have a new slouchie beanie that is almost ready for sale in my Etsy shop! Here is a sneak peak:
I really love how this slouchie beanie came out. It is pretty much the only hat I wear lately, so I thought I would make one for sale since I would definitely buy it! The pattern is different, but I used the same yarn and made it the same length. This is more of a summer/CA hat. Look for it on in the next couple of days!

The Arrival: Rivendell

The Evenstar Criss-Cross Hat has made its way to Rivendell! Check out these great pics of Arwen modeling it! Side note: I cannot keep up with this girl's many blogs so I just keep linking randomly to ones that strike my fancy. I figure we can all use the link juice, eh?
Dang, is she a babe or what! I was embarrassed of the pic I put up of myself in this hat after I got these. She is 4,000x cuter! I really like how these pics showcase the slst I added at the edge of the brim's ribbing. I thought it was a good touch, and the payoff is in these pics! I also really like how her cuteness makes the hat look nicer. If she didn't live in an Elven outpost in Middle-earth, I would have her model all of my projects! (Have I taken this LotR thing too far yet??)
I will leave you with one closing thought: according to Iron Martin, besides my amazing "fake puking" performances, my impression of Smigel freaks him out more than anything. I choose to take this as a compliment to my acting skills. Also, is it a bad thing that I do more than one thing to utterly freak my boyfriend out?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowflake Slouchie Beanie Remix

Seeing as the weather peeps are predicting a barrel-full of snow in a few hours, it is only fitting that I blog up another Snowflake Slouchie Beanie! Even better, today is Lost night, and as you may recall, I have spent my entire winter watching hours and hours and hours upon hours of Lost with Brooke, while crocheting. And here is a crochet hat I made for Brooke while watching Lost! Did you get all that?!I made the original Snowflake Holiday Slouch Beanie with Brooke, and she liked it so much she asked for one! I have to tell you, it means a lot when someone sees a pic of something I did and requests one, but it means so much more to have someone see it in person and requests it. I always worry pics can be deceiving, so that was a real confidence boost!
She asked for the same beanie but in colors that matched a scarf she had already knitted for herself. I got some nice Vanna's Choice from -- I highly recommend this stuff! I think I may prefer it to Lion Brand's Jiffy, which, as you may know, is a big favorite over at Teabeans. Also, a pretty close match dontchathink?

Here is a close up shot:

Evenstar Criss-Cross Hat

Many moons ago, my good friend Arwen asked me to make her a hat. She didn't ask for anything specific; in fact, she said, "I want it to be a completely inspired hat by you."

Now THAT is a project I can get behind! I have to admit... I don't always love making special requests that are very prescriptive, since most of the fun of crochet for me is dreaming up new ideas.

Anywho, I noticed some newer cable hats that seem to be crisscrossed so I thought that would be a fun challenge to tackle. Here is some detail... gag, sorry for the dark lighting! Here is a side-by-side view of the Evenstar crochet hat and a knit crisscross hat from Urban Outfitters. Dang do I look tan... and happy! That pale girl looks sad... she wishes she had a handmade Teabeans hat instead.
Oh... BTW... suckafish... nobody officially took me up on my barter offer. So I bought it. I guess I know how much a Teabeans hat is worth to you... well I can approximate... and it's less than $26.50 (+ shipping and handling). Just so you know, Teabeans ain't no charity.
Love you... mean it... and go heart your own city.
Ps. Pics of Arwen in this hat to come!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowed In! Blizzard Style

Snow is being dumped all over the mid-Atlantic. In the wise words of Natalie Dee, "get a hat before you need a hat, or you might get stuck with a crappy hat." So let's all get out our non-crappy Teabeans hats to keep us cute and warm in the blizzards! Enjoy a couple of pics of Teabeans in the blizzards of 2010!

First, I got a Where's Waldo-style fun surprise in my Inbox last week. In a batch of pics of the blizzard that hit Ocean City, MD a few weeks ago, I spotted this Teabeans chapeau from last January! Wowza, they were snowed in at the beach! It looks like so much fun.
Second, I was lucky enough to get snowed in with Iron Martin's family in Lancaster, PA past this weekend. We got about 24 inches! Once the snow stopped, we all bundled up to play. Here's a pic of my hottie in this Teabeans hat that I made a few months ago, after I lovingly threw a pile of snow in his face while he was down.
Just thought I would share those two fun shots with you. Just a couple of siblings keeping cozy with Teabeans as the snow falls.

I will leave you with one last, non-Teabeans blizzard image: Iron Martin snowboarding his brother-in-law down a 4.5ft slope.Holy faceplant! BAHAHA. Classic.

Hope you all are enjoying the snow as much as we are!

What's on Tap for the Week?

My partner in crime is abandoning me for the week to further his career. What a bastard. Hehe I kid, I kid. I am proud of that sucka, and I hope he enjoys his week hobnobbing with Nike execs in Portland.

I will miss him, but I am looking forward to a week of TCB!

In no particular order...

- Paint my nails Marty-friendly color (he likes purple and dark red on me)
- Scrub-a-dub apartment (this ish is getting gnarly due to lack of overnight guests)
- Play with Mr. Nixon (lonely kitty missed us this weekend while we were snowed in in Lanc)
- Final bridal shower preparations (ssh shhh. surprises for lil sis.)
- Blog! (i really do have stuff to blog about; i have just been preoccupied with running!!!)
- 90 min of exercise every day (most of that had better be running!)
- Read my NYC book (and not fall asleep after one page)
- Pack for the beach! (polaroid, cozy clothes, dvds, snacks!)
- Burn the 2010 winter beach mix (miike snow, pearl jam, passion pit, MGMT, kanye...)
- Crochet (finally got some inspiration... braided beret, plaid hat, etc etc)
- Episode 2 of the end of the end of Lost! (sorry Biggest Loser...)
- Hair chop! (my shaggy shag is losing its sass)