Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Street Style Slouch

Hiyo! Remember this post? The votes were cast, and the result was unanimous support of added slouch!
So enjoy yourself a healthy dose of slouch pics!
Street Slouch Artsy pic by Iron Martin:
Modelling my new hat with Mr. Richard Nixon:
Sideview and a Smooch for Kitty!
I hope you all like the results! Thanks for reading & weighing in.


Roses said...

You are, at this moment, making less-slouchy hats envious.

Molly Proxy said...

Mr. Kitten looks seriously unhappy in the second pic. Love love the hat though!

Katiebeans said...

hahaha! he was purring like a mojo in that pic... much like boof, he will put up with anything

Anonymous said...

This is a cute hat , are you sharing the pattern??