Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your Leaves Have Drifted Away...

Back. Not really on attack. But bringing you some Teabeans on the streets!
K.Mau+Harrisburg+Leaf Headband. Crummy+K.Mau+Megantic+Frederick,MD+Cable Hat.
Yeaaah brothers! I definitely needed to see my homies from home. Even if we none of us live at home any more. These are some of the funniest ladies you will ever meet, and guess what? They're my friends. Hella!
K.Mau requested the leaf headband I made, and you know what? I can just make another one if I feel like wearing it. Hehehehe. When I was in pot(tery) class in hs, I gave every single pot I made to my friends and family. I have none left, but one candle stick and one U2 bookend. Pretty much, I like to make rad stuff and give it away.

I have more new stuff to come... promise.


Mindy K said...

Dude, I LOVE that you made a U2 bookend. I wish I could go back in time and have made a Radiohead bookend with you. That would have been amazing. PS- I think I am now accidentally following your blog under 3 different names. I keep forgetting my password and couldnt make comments or something.

K-Jo said...

Katie!!! i debuted my headband last night at the Cabinet shows and all the hippy hoolahoop girls LOVED it.