Monday, May 25, 2009

Flower Power

Wow am I a slacker! I need to get up on it making headbands for Miss Emily. Here is the flower I made for headband #1:It's just a flower in the dark now, but I just need to get some headbands and it will be a bangin band. Maybe I will go pick some up affffer my chicky is done being cooked.

Re-working on the previous bathing suit disaster with renewed gusto, and planning new projects. I really need a crafty project book, but after I bought the SICKEST leaf necklace today, I could not bring myself to spend the $7 on a notebook.

Ideas I had:

A pocketbook/clutch like this
A nautical style rope belt for a striped dress I have

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yep, this has absolutely nothing to do with crochet or crafties right now. But my crystal ball forsees some homemade kitty toys in the near future!

Here's an example:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Block & Load

"The Mircale of Blocking" by NatalieDee. Everything that girl does is applicable to my life.

Let's take a minute to thank our good friend, blocking. It is an amazing trick to know, and now that I know it, I cannot believe I lived without it. What is blocking? So glad you asked! Blocking is a process that shapes and sets a crochet design and smoothes the stitches into place (thanks, Michaels).

And to keep my Peachy Python sweater from stretching, I decided to block it:

I don't have a fancy steam iron, and I probably should have cold blocked, but what are ya goin do? If I had known about blocking before I made this, it wouldn't currently be too big. Blocking stretches the design so I think it is good to make a project in one size smaller than you wear.

I am going to block the two sweater dresses I made because to me they look homemade, and I think/hope it will make them look more profesh. Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Failed Bathing Suit

Wah-wah. My first attempt at a bathing suit has resulted in failure. To say it is an unflattering top is sugar-coating it. I need to find a better pattern that I can stick to, but it is also difficult to know how the suit will turn out after you block it.

Summer has not yet officially arrived so there is still hope for a 70s style bathing suit! I am making this suit by special request for one of my favorite blog-supporter, Monet.

Anyways, spring Saturdays are for drinking beers with friends, not crochet, so I am off to do that!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring is for Surprises!

I wasn't sure if I was actually going to make the Running in Circles necklace. I kinda just thought it would be easy to make. But my blog-supporting friend commented something about it, and as a thank you to her for being a wonderful friend, I decided to surprise her with the necklace in the mail! Looks much better on her, dontcha think?!

Do check out her photography blog!

Can you believe I have actually had THREE requests for this necklace since I posted it?! Unfortunately, it is no fun to make (three words: carpel-tunnel-syndrome!), and it is mo' time consuming. Sorry ladies (and gents, mayhaps?):

But for those of you who have requested headbands, progress is underway! Off for a slice of pizze with Iron Martin!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ribbons & Bows

The headband mania don't stop with flowers! Katiebeans also loves the look of a bow in the hair, so I quickly looped one together using a pattern from CreativeYarn. I used the same yarn from my two previous posts. I also forgot to mention that both appliques were starched. I hope that keeps them from getting the floppy look that comes with wear of "knit" items.

I wore the flower yesterday and the bow today, crafterrific!

Here again is a sampling of what is currently on sale at Ah, I am everso lazy and trendy.
Side note, bathing suit mission failed. Back to the drawing board on that one. Unflattering doesn't even begin to describe that debacle!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

April Showers Bring May Crochet

Once upon a Teabeans time, I needed a hot pink fleur in my hair. Here is that lovely crocheted rose. Well, wouldn't you know, rosey headbands are all the rage. Instead of working on my challenging bathing suit project, I got lazy and decided to bang out a trendy headpiece since I knew it would be easy and trendy-looking. Check out this floral sampling of headbands currently on sale at Urban Outfitters:
I used a Rayon/Linen blend yarn that I got on sale at Knit New York because it was shiney and on sale. I used a size B hook and looped up an easy flower applique from my Crocheting School book. I hot glued it to some a headband from a set of 4 from Duane Reade, and here we are today.

For $20, I will glue any kind of crocheted applique to a headband for you. No, I do not have an Etsy shop yet. I am kinda an Etsy hater. Yeah, I am that hip.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Running in Circles

Good evening craft blog fans! As I still have not had time to figure out how to pretty-up my Tumblr page, I will add my latest post to ole TeaBeans. I have finally finished the Running in Circles necklace, which is really a complete and total rip off of the Urban Outfitters Colorful Bib Necklace. But, "Bib?" I mean, I am 27; I ain't wearing no bib, no matter how big of a baby I act like.

Compare and contrast!

You know...I didn't even love this necklace when I saw it in the store, but I knew I could make it. I think mine looks even better! I had specifically purchased this yarn (Rayon/Linen blend) on sale for the purpose of making a necklace, and I have enough left over for my original vision. It is a good fabric for a necklace, shiny and strong. Necklaces are tough because they involve patience and care. This is one reason this project took so long; I needed to take breaks from all the tiny knots and sewing in all the tiny ends.

I started by pasting the image of the necklace and counting the rows. Spirals are easy enough. I used a size B hook. Sewed the spirals together. Easy does it! I sprayed a starch on it, but I don't think it had much of an effect; and I ironed the necklace, specifically the chains, to freeze the stitches so they don't stretch. I bought a cheap necklace at Duane Reade and used pliers to break it up to make the clasp. Looks kinda fancy, dontchathink?

More projects in the pipeline...summer is all about accessories! Also, I need to focus on the bikini. I am feeling a headband with a big rose, as is the fashion, and maybe a little pouch with a skull on it. Oh ideas! I wish my lil fingers were fast enough to catch up with you, and I wish there were more hours in the day. Fortunately, I have injured my foot, so I have plenty of time to sit around and blog and crochet instead of playing outside...