Tuesday, May 12, 2009

April Showers Bring May Crochet

Once upon a Teabeans time, I needed a hot pink fleur in my hair. Here is that lovely crocheted rose. Well, wouldn't you know, rosey headbands are all the rage. Instead of working on my challenging bathing suit project, I got lazy and decided to bang out a trendy headpiece since I knew it would be easy and trendy-looking. Check out this floral sampling of headbands currently on sale at Urban Outfitters:
I used a Rayon/Linen blend yarn that I got on sale at Knit New York because it was shiney and on sale. I used a size B hook and looped up an easy flower applique from my Crocheting School book. I hot glued it to some a headband from a set of 4 from Duane Reade, and here we are today.

For $20, I will glue any kind of crocheted applique to a headband for you. No, I do not have an Etsy shop yet. I am kinda an Etsy hater. Yeah, I am that hip.


Z said...

do you do paypal? :)

Katiebeans said...

eeee....i do personal check! haha!

Z said...

I will mail you a check if you mail me something....you selling those necklaces too?