Monday, May 18, 2009

Block & Load

"The Mircale of Blocking" by NatalieDee. Everything that girl does is applicable to my life.

Let's take a minute to thank our good friend, blocking. It is an amazing trick to know, and now that I know it, I cannot believe I lived without it. What is blocking? So glad you asked! Blocking is a process that shapes and sets a crochet design and smoothes the stitches into place (thanks, Michaels).

And to keep my Peachy Python sweater from stretching, I decided to block it:

I don't have a fancy steam iron, and I probably should have cold blocked, but what are ya goin do? If I had known about blocking before I made this, it wouldn't currently be too big. Blocking stretches the design so I think it is good to make a project in one size smaller than you wear.

I am going to block the two sweater dresses I made because to me they look homemade, and I think/hope it will make them look more profesh. Stay tuned!

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