Thursday, December 8, 2011

Spiral Molly Floves Pattern

I made these floves for my sister Molly.  She asked for them... oh, I don't know... maybe like a year ago?  EEEEEEE!  Anyways, I wanted them to be perfect, and my first pair I didn't like the color or yarn texture, and the 2nd pair I did in rounds instead of turning, and it made the cable look weird. 

Download or print the full pattern here!  Please note this pattern fits small female hands (ring size 4.5-5.5), but will stretch.  Simply adding stitches to each element should help give it a custom fit.


CrochetBlogger said...

Very pretty pattern for fingerless gloves!

Roses said...

I haven't made floves yet.
But I bought the yarn. That makes them about half done right there, right?

Plus, I use really light weight yarn, so it's gonna take me, like, forever to finish. I need to start using big, fluffy yarn like you.
How big does it have to be to finish with two stitches?

Katiebeans said...

How light is your yarn?? What size hook would it take? Haha this sheet is as small as I will go if I want to make more than one project a year.

shannon catherine said...

Katie! Where are you on Facebook?!

Anyways. I like these a lot! Would you be able to give me the pattern for knitting? I'm still learning so I have no idea if that's even possible!

mamarouxster said...

do you really mean 5 dc in next 5dc in the foundation row?? that would add a lot of dc's......i want to make these soooo badly!!!

Katiebeans said...

@mamarouxster- I probably mean one in each (total of 5). Please let me know if you see glaring errors- I will update!

@shannon - I quit facebook! I have no clue how to knit-sorry!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like this pattern, since it has fingers. Most of the patterns don't. I am having trouble also with that first row (see mamarouxter 12-26-11). 5dc in each of 5 ch would make alot more than 30 stitches. So I tried 1 dc in each of 5, then sk 1. It works except I am not getting the ridges in the wristband as shown in the picture. Sure would love to see a correction!

chemicalx said...

Hi, nice pattern! I hope mine turn out as cute as the ones in the pictures.

For the people with questions about Row 1, since the first ch-2 counts as a dc, I think what is intended is:
1 dc in each of next 4 sts, *sk 1 ch, 5 dc* to end (30 sts), sl st to top of ch-2
At least that worked for me.

And for the question about the wristband ridges, I think that's part of the cuff, which is added on at the last step, so it won't have those yet... correct me if I'm wrong!

Gloria said...

Love these floves! However,I've hit a snag. I'm at Row 15. It states Ch2, sk 15sts, dc 4, ch 2, sk5 3 dc sl st to2nd ch of previous ch4. Nowhere did in the pattern did I ever make a chain 4. Where do I put the sl st?

Anonymous said...

there sooo pretty can't wait to make them. just wondering, can i sell them?

Keri Wooderson said...

I'm also confused about row 15.

JillofAll said...

Sorry, but row 15? Where is the chain 4? Please help! I'm stuck.

JillofAll said...

Here's what Katie replied to my email about row 15.

For R14, you are repeating R4, which ends on a ch2. For R15, you start with a ch2. Therefore, you really start with a ch 4 on R15. Does that make sense? I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Really cute gloves, I hope Scribd gives you a cut of the profits because if I want the pattern I have to pay them for an account before I can download. Keep having fun designing. :)

Patricia Delgado said...

I do not understand row 15.

Danielle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

These look so cute! Can't wait to make them. Though on Ravelry, it states they are a free download but you do have to pay Scribd in order to get the download so they are not really free. I re-typed the information instead.

Ayu Hazimah said...

pretty floves..i've tried but im clueless starting the finger's hard to understand but i really wanna finish my work..

Miss Leigh said...

I am confused with row 15. By following exactly, I end up with a skipped stitch before joining into the chain 4, and then when I start the ring finger to do the 10 double crochet, I end up with two skipped stitches. So far I love the way these are looking, just can't figure out how to get the fingers going.

Maria Shaikh said...

Hi Katie
I need to make half gloves like yours for a friend's mom. I tried to download your pattern but scribd asks for payment. Is there any other way I could obtain your pattern. I'd really appreviate any help you could give me. Thanks.
Maria Shaikh
Karachi, Pakistan

Jones Morris said...

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