Monday, November 26, 2007

Raspberry Beret

Instead of making IronMartin buy her an expensive beret at Urban Outfitters, Katiebeans made her own using leftover yarn from a blanket she made. Katiebeans started this beret as a beanie, but added extra stitches and tapered at the end. She also switched colors at the band, using a tighter, cheaper yarn so it would grip better on the back of her head. Plus the different colors make it look cooler. This guy is called the raspberry beret.
When Katiebeans sleeps on the blanket, it's like her head disappears.

Iron Martin Beanie

This is a crocheted beanie hat for a guy. Katiebeans used a halfdouble stitch and finished with two rows of a single stitch. Katiebeans does not know much about crocheting, but was able to make this hat following a simple pattern in a children's crochet book. She used 6MM gauge hook. It keeps IronMartin's head warm when he stands next to graffitted walls. The hat is soft and stretchy and IronMartin likes that it is seemless. Since receiving this, Iron Martin has had three + comments from his friends about where he got his beanie. Greedy IronMartin says he must have 2 hats for every one hat Katiebeans makes for his friends. :)

Owl Mosaic

This is an owl mosaic table. Katiebeans used plates purchased at thrift stores, which she broke with a hammer in an alley of her apartment complex and was asked to move off the premises by security. She drew a crude design on a round unfinished wooden table from Salvation Army, approximately 19 inches in diameter. The table was waterproofed with an aerosol sealant. The pieces were glued and the cracks filled with pre-mixed grout. This is Katiebeans's first mosaic.

Katiebeans wishes she had not grouted. The plate pieces of different thicknesses and therefore hard to grout. She also preferred the darkness of the table to the bright white.
This table hangs out in Katiebeans's apartment.