Monday, January 31, 2011

Guest Crafter: Marty!

One of the many things that Marty and I have in common is that when we see something we like, we like to make it for ourselves.  If you don't already know, Marty is always making or customizing his own  accessories because he is very picky.  He is also very good at scouring the consignment shops for a good deal.

He saw some grey Clarks he liked online and a cheap pair of pre-owned tan Clarks in his size.  He got some stain, and here we are.  See pics below!

Clarks in Original Color

Grey-Stained Clarks by Marty

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crochet Sweater Sneak Peak

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I had some fun.  The highlight was today when the temps hit a balmy 35 degrees!  But enough small talk; let's get down to brass tacks.  I have six words for you:  Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale.  

Oh, but also, crochet sweater is coming along great!  Here is a sneak peak:
Stay tuned!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crochet Sweater

I want to give a very BIG, heartfelt thanks to everyone who posted on Facebook, emailed me, or blog commented with suggestions for my next project!  It really was the spark I needed.  Please feel free to send along any ideas you ever have. 

But for now... the winner is... MY MOM!

My mom emailed me a pic of a hand-crocheted sweater in Sundance catalog.  I never really perfected the sweater dresses I crocheted before, and I have been meaning to try again.  Can you believe I made those over 2 years ago?!  Since my mom's suggestion, I actually have half a dress from I have a pattern that I really love, but there are a few issues:

First, the pattern is in Scandinavian crochet terms, but translated to British English crochet terms.  Also, the diagram is in Scandinavian terms.  FYI: I read American English crochet terms, whiiiich are named the same but have very different meanings as British English terms.  I mean??!  Guh.. let's just say I like a challenge.  
Second, I am pretty sure size S in Scandinavian is like 5th grader in American sizes because the M I have made for myself is cutting off my arm circulation.  Guess I will be making a L (???)... did I gain that much weight over Christmas?!  Maybe part of the problem is the measurements are in cm, and my measuring tape is only in inches.  11cm=4.3in.  Now you know.

Anywhoooo, here is a taste of my inspiration:
Left to Right
Top Row:  Urban Outfitters; Sundance Catalog
2nd Row:  Free People; Anthropologie
Bottom Row:  Both Anthropologie

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Help Wanted

Lately I have been at a total loss.  I can easily come up with ideas for hats and such, but there is nothing I am really super excited about making.

So pleaaaasseeee... email/comment any ideas?  If I pick your idea, you can have what I make :-)

Thanks in advance, blog-nobbers!!!

Katiebeans & Iron Martin in Teabeans originals
Roosevelt Island
Photo: Copyright Tara 2010

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wintry Mix, Winter Remix

Oh me oh my it's so cold out!  Remember this hat?  All we have now are the memories.  The next day after that post, Iron Martin left his brand new Teabeans hat on the subway!  No worries, Katiebeans still had half a skein left.  Below is black hat, take 2.  What a cutie!!!  (Note to self: use 6MM/J hook.)

Hahahaha this last pic isn't really Marty.  But it is super funny.  I should probably make one of these!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Sticks & Stones, Knit Some Bones...

Check out this freakin awesome work of art that my Aunt Susan sent me the link to.  By Ben Cuervas, it's a mixed media piece/ basically a knitted skeleton.  You MUST check out his blog.  His art/knitting is amaze.  
I love those little knitted teeth.

In the words of Bart Simpson, "I can do that, but I don't want to."

Haha just kidding, I really really can't do that.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eternity and a Day

Brrr!  Time for a new scarf!  For Christmas, Iron Marty's mom got me 3 skeins of alpaca yarn.  The super cool part is that the yarn is from Alpacas on a farm by her house!  She got to meet the very Alpacas who were sheared for my yarn.  Alpaca fiber is similar to cashmere, and unlike wool, it contains no lanolin, which I recently realized I am VERY allergic to.  I think it is super cool that this yarn is from an Alpaca farm and you can meet the Alpacas, which, by the way, are hilariously cute.  Check out the site:

Like I said, the yarn is like cashmere, so it is super soft and light.  Infinity scarves are all the rage, and I wanted to make something soft and snuggly, like the yarn.  Pics & Teabeans original pattern below!

- Eastland Alpaca Yarn in #809 Light Fawn - Sport Weight (2.5 Skeins)
- G6/4.25MM Hook

R1: Ch 250, slst to join.
R2: Sch in each ch around (250 sch), slst to join. Do not turn.
R3&4: Continuing over top first sch, sch in blo around (250 sch).  Continue around without turning for rest of pattern.
R5: In front loop of R3, *5 sch in flo, skip flo* around (125 ruffles).
R6-9:  Start in R4, repeat R3 & R4

I don't think its really necessary to write the rest of the pattern out - you get the idea.  What might be confusing is that you go "down" one row to do the ruffles.  I tried to make it clear in the pic below.  In that pic, I am doing a ruffle in a row below, and then after the ruffle, you go back to the above row, sch in blo.

I varied the rows between ruffles to add some interest and variety.
Have a GREAT Sunday!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yarn-Bombs Comin Down, Overhead, Underground

Olek (an artist who yarn-bombs around NYC) crocheted a sweater for this bull down on Wall Street.  I didn't take this pic (it was torn down soon after).  She yarn-bombed this bull as a Christmas gift to NYC.  Read the full article here.

Ps. I love that this is crocheted and not knitted!