Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crochet Sweater

I want to give a very BIG, heartfelt thanks to everyone who posted on Facebook, emailed me, or blog commented with suggestions for my next project!  It really was the spark I needed.  Please feel free to send along any ideas you ever have. 

But for now... the winner is... MY MOM!

My mom emailed me a pic of a hand-crocheted sweater in Sundance catalog.  I never really perfected the sweater dresses I crocheted before, and I have been meaning to try again.  Can you believe I made those over 2 years ago?!  Since my mom's suggestion, I actually have half a dress from I have a pattern that I really love, but there are a few issues:

First, the pattern is in Scandinavian crochet terms, but translated to British English crochet terms.  Also, the diagram is in Scandinavian terms.  FYI: I read American English crochet terms, whiiiich are named the same but have very different meanings as British English terms.  I mean??!  Guh.. let's just say I like a challenge.  
Second, I am pretty sure size S in Scandinavian is like 5th grader in American sizes because the M I have made for myself is cutting off my arm circulation.  Guess I will be making a L (???)... did I gain that much weight over Christmas?!  Maybe part of the problem is the measurements are in cm, and my measuring tape is only in inches.  11cm=4.3in.  Now you know.

Anywhoooo, here is a taste of my inspiration:
Left to Right
Top Row:  Urban Outfitters; Sundance Catalog
2nd Row:  Free People; Anthropologie
Bottom Row:  Both Anthropologie

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CrochetBlogger said...

Great crochet sweaters for inspiration! Yay for Mom's idea.