Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eternity and a Day

Brrr!  Time for a new scarf!  For Christmas, Iron Marty's mom got me 3 skeins of alpaca yarn.  The super cool part is that the yarn is from Alpacas on a farm by her house!  She got to meet the very Alpacas who were sheared for my yarn.  Alpaca fiber is similar to cashmere, and unlike wool, it contains no lanolin, which I recently realized I am VERY allergic to.  I think it is super cool that this yarn is from an Alpaca farm and you can meet the Alpacas, which, by the way, are hilariously cute.  Check out the site:

Like I said, the yarn is like cashmere, so it is super soft and light.  Infinity scarves are all the rage, and I wanted to make something soft and snuggly, like the yarn.  Pics & Teabeans original pattern below!

- Eastland Alpaca Yarn in #809 Light Fawn - Sport Weight (2.5 Skeins)
- G6/4.25MM Hook

R1: Ch 250, slst to join.
R2: Sch in each ch around (250 sch), slst to join. Do not turn.
R3&4: Continuing over top first sch, sch in blo around (250 sch).  Continue around without turning for rest of pattern.
R5: In front loop of R3, *5 sch in flo, skip flo* around (125 ruffles).
R6-9:  Start in R4, repeat R3 & R4

I don't think its really necessary to write the rest of the pattern out - you get the idea.  What might be confusing is that you go "down" one row to do the ruffles.  I tried to make it clear in the pic below.  In that pic, I am doing a ruffle in a row below, and then after the ruffle, you go back to the above row, sch in blo.

I varied the rows between ruffles to add some interest and variety.
Have a GREAT Sunday!!!!


mrs c said...

It looks great! We'll have to go visit the farm next time you come to town :)

Katiebeans said...

Definitely! I have some left over so I will have to make Mister a mini scarf :-) Thanks again!!