Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just doing a little online window shopping and getting some ideas for my next mini-project...

Definitely need to work on some flowers because I owe Sheetal one from like 2 years ago that she wanted to add to the Amazing Cable Hat I made for her. Now I HAVE to make it since she is moving to India in a month!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marty's Bike!

For some reason, I keep losing my slideshow of Marty's bike so I am reposting! Like I said before, he did an awesome job fixing it up. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pimp My Bike

Today is a special edition blog post! Marty has been working on his bike all summer long, and I think he did a really awesome job fixing it up. He cut and sanded the seat himself, as well as hand-sanded and painted the body.

Here are some snapshots of us ridin around the NYC:

Iron Martin on Mon Frere, pre-new wheels:

Me on Hermano, my own pimped out bike (I made Marty put on new handlebars and I stuck on a Pearl Jam sticker hehehe):
And the best pic of all, Iron Martin taking a pic of his pimped out bike! hahahaha:

Craftin Season!

Ah at long last it's finally cooled off to a brisk 78 degrees! To celebrate the beginning of craftin season, here's Tim Gunn announcing he "prefers the wooly balls":
BAHA! Ps. How hilarious was it when Casanova was like, "I love table clothes," and Lifetime was like, "2 Mins ago: clip of Tim telling the cast that the judges don't like table clothes."

Just catchin up on the Thurs night TV that I missed when I was Jay-Z big pimpin at the Nike WBF event.

Final thoughts: Honey Moon + mac & cheese + 3 Muskateer bar = amazing. Being this invested in Jersey Shore = awkward(/amazing?).

Next stop: Bethenney.

Auf Wiedersehen!