Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pimp My Bike

Today is a special edition blog post! Marty has been working on his bike all summer long, and I think he did a really awesome job fixing it up. He cut and sanded the seat himself, as well as hand-sanded and painted the body.

Here are some snapshots of us ridin around the NYC:

Iron Martin on Mon Frere, pre-new wheels:

Me on Hermano, my own pimped out bike (I made Marty put on new handlebars and I stuck on a Pearl Jam sticker hehehe):
And the best pic of all, Iron Martin taking a pic of his pimped out bike! hahahaha:


Mindy K said...

I love, love, love these photos! Good work Iron Martin. I am still have troubling signing in properly to comment on your blog, plus it appears that I am following you under 3 different accounts. I deserve an award for being the most mentally disabled follower you have. Love catching up with TeaBeans!!!

Katiebeans said...

I love you, Mindo!!! I owe you something for my awesome scrabby necklace!!