Monday, August 27, 2012

Womb Mates

Well my wedding is 12 days away (OMG SHUT UP WHO CARES GET OVER IT)!  I am 99% done with crafting my paper decorations for it.  Then it's all about the honeymoon, baby!

Speaking of babies... check out these adorable name signs my friend Megan made for our pregnuts friend Monica!  I love that she hung them on banana hammocks stands.  But mostly I love that she hand painted, glued, and ribboned these!  I adore the pink/orange color combo (a fav of mine since Lauren Bogar wore a pink shirt with orange shorts during field hockey practice in HS).  Additionally, how cute are those names????  I can't wait to meet these little ladies!
Hope everyone had a great summer!  Next time, I am getting married in the spring.  I missed the whole summer!!!  But I got a killer fall lined up, and I will be making all of the projects I mentioned in the last post, thanks to all of you awesome readers!!!!!