Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Season: Part One

So crochet is still going to be happening, but things have been sooo busy the past few months! Weddings are especially busy when you are in them! Weekends of planning, bridal showers, and bachlorette parties do not leave much time for crafting.

Just wanted to do a little check in to let you know Teabeans is not shut down permanently! Below are some of my favorite pics from Wedding Season: Part One.

Wedding #1: My sister, Molly
After the ceremony
Gettysburg, PA
Wedding #2: One of my best friends, Megan
Dancing with Iron Martin
Mechanicsburg, PA
Wedding #3: My cousin, Ben
During his Best Man's toast
Bells, Texas

It's been a beautiful, ultra-fun wedding season! I can't wait for Part Two, starting in August. Until then I am going to continue spending my time bike riding, half marathon training, and hitting the beach! I also caved and bought a crocheted sun hat. I am sure I could have made one eventually... but buying one took way less time and effort. I will post it soon!

Chat soon!