Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OK Computer

OK Computer, let's blog.  First off, I don't have anything crochet to show you, but I feel obligated to have a pic.  So here is a funny pic of me & Marty surf-fishing.  The jacket I have on is a Nike customized N98 so that feels kinda crafty??  Also, I just wanted to brag that I caught a fish surf fishing. Yes I probably could have found a more flattering picture of both of us but this isn't a fashion blog so you just shut up.

Anywho,  it's finally getting all fall-like, which is excellent because it is putting me in the mood to crochet.  I got some good ideas and patterns ready, but before I can start those, I have to finish two hush-hush projects that I can't talk about right now!  In the meantime, I figured I would let you know those were in the pipeline (I know you are just hanging on the edge of your seat, refreshing TeaBeans over and over).  I also wanted to tell you about Pinterest, which is my new favorite thing ever, if you haven't heard of it already.  Now, instead of copying & pasting & saving & uploading & boring my readers with "inspiration" posts which are really just "reminder" posts for me, I can save all that stuff on Pinerest!  Check out mine at Pinterest.com/Katiebeans!

Ok... chat you later!