Monday, December 6, 2010

Hat's Out of the Bag

Dear Blog-Nobbers,

Tonight we went to see the Knicks play the Timberwolves!  It was fun even though I don't like basketball.  Our seats were super close, and they definitely do a good job of pumping you up!  

On the way out, I snapped some pics of Iron Martin in the new beanie I crocheted for him!  The pattern is exactly the same as always (circle of 8 hdc, increase by 8 to 63 hdc).  This time I worked in rounds instead of turning to make it 100% seamless.  He's lookin fly as always!
I just bought a TON of yarn with Brooke out in no-man's-land this weekend so as long as I can find time, I will have more to show you!

Til then!

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