Monday, November 26, 2007

Owl Mosaic

This is an owl mosaic table. Katiebeans used plates purchased at thrift stores, which she broke with a hammer in an alley of her apartment complex and was asked to move off the premises by security. She drew a crude design on a round unfinished wooden table from Salvation Army, approximately 19 inches in diameter. The table was waterproofed with an aerosol sealant. The pieces were glued and the cracks filled with pre-mixed grout. This is Katiebeans's first mosaic.

Katiebeans wishes she had not grouted. The plate pieces of different thicknesses and therefore hard to grout. She also preferred the darkness of the table to the bright white.
This table hangs out in Katiebeans's apartment.

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Casey said...

This table is amazing.
Woot Woot!