Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home Decor; Teabeans Style

Hiyoo! This Christmas I got a super unique and thoughtful giftie from my daddy-o (as usual!): a vintage crochet pattern pamphlet called Style in Crochet. It's from 1936 (Book 73, 10 cents at the time!) and actually has some cute stuff in it! I would love to get ambitious and make one of the sweaters or dresses.

Until then, I matted the cover and hung it in my kitchen with another awesome vintage ad from my mom! Like I said, the crochet pamphlet is from 1936. The ad is for Wurlitzer jukeboxes and is celebrating New Year's 1948.

Now Iron Martin and I can eat our pizze and get our vintage on in the nook! I like to crochet... and I like to party... now all I need is an old ad or magazine about running, and we got all my hobbies and interests covered!


joan said...

Looks som great!!!


joan said...

err I mean SO great! :)