Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Sorry folks, I got nothin.
Hopefully will add some new pics soon -- I have a few things to show you.
I am dragging my feet on some projects and generally feeling uninspired.
I would love if you emailed/commented me some ideas.
Also, can you believe it? Brooke's scarf fell out of the packaging in the mail and her sister got an empty package. Poor girl!!! I think some sneaky postal service worker just wanted an awesome, hand-knit scarf.
Another LOST day Wed and Sat so hopefully I will have something fun and new soon. I need inspiration!!!
Until next time,


Arwen said...

Inspiration is hard to find outside of yourself if it's not inside, too.

How about seeking out interesting colors in your life? Especially in the dreariness of winter, this could be helpful to find vibrancy in life!

joan said...

That is so sad about Brooke's scarf! Stupid post office!


Mindy K said...

The post office recently lost some very important documents of mine- I think there is a conspiracy going on. Also, I am very excited about the LOST premiere this week. Maybe you should make sometime related to LOST....????