Monday, February 8, 2010

What's on Tap for the Week?

My partner in crime is abandoning me for the week to further his career. What a bastard. Hehe I kid, I kid. I am proud of that sucka, and I hope he enjoys his week hobnobbing with Nike execs in Portland.

I will miss him, but I am looking forward to a week of TCB!

In no particular order...

- Paint my nails Marty-friendly color (he likes purple and dark red on me)
- Scrub-a-dub apartment (this ish is getting gnarly due to lack of overnight guests)
- Play with Mr. Nixon (lonely kitty missed us this weekend while we were snowed in in Lanc)
- Final bridal shower preparations (ssh shhh. surprises for lil sis.)
- Blog! (i really do have stuff to blog about; i have just been preoccupied with running!!!)
- 90 min of exercise every day (most of that had better be running!)
- Read my NYC book (and not fall asleep after one page)
- Pack for the beach! (polaroid, cozy clothes, dvds, snacks!)
- Burn the 2010 winter beach mix (miike snow, pearl jam, passion pit, MGMT, kanye...)
- Crochet (finally got some inspiration... braided beret, plaid hat, etc etc)
- Episode 2 of the end of the end of Lost! (sorry Biggest Loser...)
- Hair chop! (my shaggy shag is losing its sass)


Arwen said...

Alright for getting going! I need to exercise, too, but is it okay if I start out slow and not with 90 minutes?

Mindy K said...

This is an excellent list of thing to do. I wish I had your motivation... all this snow is making me lose my mind a bit, as well as my ability to be a productive member of society.