Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowed In! Blizzard Style

Snow is being dumped all over the mid-Atlantic. In the wise words of Natalie Dee, "get a hat before you need a hat, or you might get stuck with a crappy hat." So let's all get out our non-crappy Teabeans hats to keep us cute and warm in the blizzards! Enjoy a couple of pics of Teabeans in the blizzards of 2010!

First, I got a Where's Waldo-style fun surprise in my Inbox last week. In a batch of pics of the blizzard that hit Ocean City, MD a few weeks ago, I spotted this Teabeans chapeau from last January! Wowza, they were snowed in at the beach! It looks like so much fun.
Second, I was lucky enough to get snowed in with Iron Martin's family in Lancaster, PA past this weekend. We got about 24 inches! Once the snow stopped, we all bundled up to play. Here's a pic of my hottie in this Teabeans hat that I made a few months ago, after I lovingly threw a pile of snow in his face while he was down.
Just thought I would share those two fun shots with you. Just a couple of siblings keeping cozy with Teabeans as the snow falls.

I will leave you with one last, non-Teabeans blizzard image: Iron Martin snowboarding his brother-in-law down a 4.5ft slope.Holy faceplant! BAHAHA. Classic.

Hope you all are enjoying the snow as much as we are!

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