Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowflake Slouchie Beanie Remix

Seeing as the weather peeps are predicting a barrel-full of snow in a few hours, it is only fitting that I blog up another Snowflake Slouchie Beanie! Even better, today is Lost night, and as you may recall, I have spent my entire winter watching hours and hours and hours upon hours of Lost with Brooke, while crocheting. And here is a crochet hat I made for Brooke while watching Lost! Did you get all that?!I made the original Snowflake Holiday Slouch Beanie with Brooke, and she liked it so much she asked for one! I have to tell you, it means a lot when someone sees a pic of something I did and requests one, but it means so much more to have someone see it in person and requests it. I always worry pics can be deceiving, so that was a real confidence boost!
She asked for the same beanie but in colors that matched a scarf she had already knitted for herself. I got some nice Vanna's Choice from Joann.com -- I highly recommend this stuff! I think I may prefer it to Lion Brand's Jiffy, which, as you may know, is a big favorite over at Teabeans. Also, a pretty close match dontchathink?

Here is a close up shot:


Roses said...

I like how you did the bottom trim/cuff. Nice.

(Too impressed by the snowflake to even comment on it! Whew!)

Katiebeans said...

Hey thanks!!! Embedded patterns are super hard for crochet in my opinion!