Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snowflake Holiday Slouch Beanie

It may be nearly the new year, but in case you didn't know... still tis the season!

An old friend of mine from Tejas (more commonly referred to as "Texas") requested snowflake hats for his sister and niece for Christmas! I have been fixin' to post this for a while...

Haha just kidding... I don't say "fixin'," but Jimmy does so I had to throw it in there!

But I have been wanting to post these! I didn't want to ruin his Christmas surprise just in case his lovely family were avid readers (hahahaha I flatter myself). But ya never know. How freaking super cute are these ladies?!Anywho, these hats were exciting to make because they were a bit of a challenge. I didn't know you could do a snowflake pattern like this for crochet, but Jimmy wanted and Katiebeans delivered. In fact, one of the unofficial missions of Teabeans is to be able to crochet ANYTHING I see or imagine. Thusly, this was an especially fun project to tackle!

*Snowflake Slouch Beanie Pattern to follow on Teabeans! Stay tuned!*

Is there anything cuter then a wee lil bebe? Maybe a wee lil bebe at Christmastime in a sparkly snowflake hat?!
Also, since this is an Christmas post, and I am running out of time for Christmas-themed posts, do enjoy this awesome pic of my jellyfish ornament on the tree! You can hardly tell it's a Wallgreen's prelit (or so I will keep telling myself). But the real moral of the story is that my new camera is mejorly radical. I mean how sad is it that I was a blogger blogging such low quality, blurry pics? I mean, sadder still is that I am running a Spybot check since I got another virus on my super old, virus-ridden, slower than slow computer. It's a wonder I can maintain such a fabulous blog (eh?).


Kasie Moffett said...

I'm famous! Jimmy sent me the link to your blog. I LOVE the hats! Thank you so much, you did a great job!

Katiebeans said...

YAY!!!! I am so glad you like them!!!!