Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update: 123 Skein Crochet

Dear Blognobbers,
You may remember a little post I did about receiving and being charged for a book I did not order. I made a lot of crazy accusations and a lot of crazy claims about not paying for that shiz.

Well, I stand by my claims. After several more bills, I called up and was like, "Yo, I did not order this book, and I am not sending it back if I have to pay the postage."

Lady was like, "OK, I will send you a mailing slip to send it back and take you out of the club."

Yeah, I guess I inadvertently opted in to some crochet book club. Scam, I say. I am pretty astute about that kinda stuff seeing as I work in online marketing, and I am an expert in confusing people into buying things.

Anywhoooo... I still haven't got that slip, but it's all good. I am sure my mail carrier lost it like he loses everything, including credit card and gas bills. Good thing he put that happy holidays slip in my mailbox. I think I will use his tip to pay for this book I didn't want. Oh and while I am on the topic of these many direct marketing tactics that don't work, if you are a charity I donate to, please don't send me a notice telling me I did not donate enough money, which basically calls me a cheapskate. It is a turn off. Send me personalized return labels because I like those and feel guilty using them without donating.

Long story boring, all's well that end's well, eh?

(comic here.)

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