Sunday, October 11, 2009

123 What The?

So I got a book in the mail today, which I immediately knew would be a crochet book because it came from the company from which I had ordered my cardigan crochet book. They enclosed a bill for like $30 bucks for this book "I ordered" called 123 Skein Crochet. Learn more about it, and buy it on Amazon here... for $13.57!

Dudes, can I just say, I have a really bad memory, but I totally did NOT order this book. I mean, I know I kind of black out sometimes and wake up buried in Etsy goodies and sale Anthropologie accessories, but I KNOW I did not order this shiz.

(Side note: I just said to my cat, "baby it's so hard to crochet with you laying here." To which, Iron Martin said, "you aren't even crocheting! Stop saying that." So, I guess that speaks pretty negatively to my credibility and reliability as a narrator.)

Anywhooooooooooo, MOVING ON, let's just ignore that side note. I shall close by saying: I am keeping this book. And I am not paying for it. Thanks White Birch, or whoever, for sending me this and thinking I am some poor, forgetful, old lady who crochets afghans all day and is easily conned. I am not. And if you come after me for my book/money (as Iron Martin aptly noted, they know where I live), I will have already made fabulous items from the patterns enclosed within 123 Skein Crochet... (like I even know what that means. I mean, doesn't all yarn come in skeins? 123 what the h?)
That is my story. And I am sticking to it. Slash, if they send me another bill I will probably definitely pay it.


Molly Proxy said...

If they send you another bill return it. By then you will have gotten all the use you need from it, and if you decide you want to keep it, buy it from amazon for half the price. Brilliant!

Roses said...

Perhaps the 123 is how many whips with a wet noodle you will get for not paying the bill? (one hundred and twenty-three, you see)

Emily said...

They will only know you have it if you admit to having it. I would say..I dont know what you are talking about and I never got anything.