Saturday, October 10, 2009

No One's Rival Crochet Hat

Oh yeh buddies I am getting into the new PJ album. Nothing is like walking the streets in NYC in autumn, rocking to PJ and rocking a new hat. I did just that today on my way to GottaKnit to pick up some yarn-age.
I made this hat on my flight to San Diego last week. What can I say? I love cute hats, and I love yellow hats and blue hats. At first I was scared of mixing colors, particularly these colors, but I am loving it! I am also making matching gloves. I made up the pattern, hence the hat's name. Below is a close-up. I will also try to post this pattern, because I think I wrote most of it down. The central pattern is (4 dch cluster - ch 1 - 4dch cluster - ch 1 - fpdc - ch 1). I think it looks real cool, and I hope you do too!


Arwen said...

I do think it's cool!!

Rachel said...

Katie you look totally hardcore. I miss you so much! Bob has the PJ cd in his car and I keep forgetting to steal it from him. My ipod went kaplewey in April. I've only heard it 2 times so far. Boo.