Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blog Nobbin'

I was flipping around some blogs, and was scanning thru The Owls Are Not What They Seem, when I came upon this post:My my but does that look like my bow headband!
Well, wouldn't you know it! Her inspiration was my inspiration:

The Owls are Not What They Seem bow is actually knit. How rare for me to see someone trying to get a crochet pattern to work for knitting! It's usually the other way around.

Crocheting and blogging are fun.


noel said...

haha - we think alike! your bow is so cute!'s so funny because i was just on the website looking at that cat bag in your post below.

Katiebeans said...

thanks for the nice comment! i like your bow much better; i need to try crocheting the band as well instead of just gluing the bow to a prefab headband. hahha you should get that cat bag... it is amaze. :-)