Monday, October 26, 2009

Projects Galore

Hi kids! I have many many projects going on. I can't wait to inundate you soon. This week is going to be busy though so I don't know how much posting I can do. I do know I have a closet full of sad projects like this one below!
Funny comics here.
Ps. Don't forget... that comic above is knitting. I crochet. There will be a quiz on this so pay attention!


Roses said...

I tried to start several projects without finishing any, but it stressed me out having so many undone things around the house. (Ironically, things like undone laundry and unwashed dishes cause me no stress whatsoever.)
So, I am now back to one thing at a time, but I have a half dozen ready to start projects in my head which makes me hate the project I'm ~on~ for not being done.

P.S. My word verification is "holyice". I imagine that would be a very chilly baptism.

Katiebeans said...

Yes, I hate having things undone! And since I make up most of my patterns I always forget how many stiches I need or what hook I used or something! Stupid life is getting in the way of my crochet!