Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reader of the Month: Jill!!!

You know what? I have a lot of awesome and faithful readers. But today is the day we need to celebrate good times come on. Today we are celebrating Jill!

Word on the street is that Jill is a big Teabeans fan. If by "word on the street," we mean multiple texts from Iron Martin to Katiebeans. Yay!!! Teabeans likes you, too, Jill; and Katiebeans would like to show you full reader appreciation by naming you Reader of the Month, December! It is a prestigious honor so I would suggest putting it on your resume.

So everybody, go tell Jill how awesome she is this month because next month her reign is over because she is such a sweet & devoted Teabeans reader!

Ps. Doesn't it make it look like congratulations she had a baby? She didn't though. This was the first pic I could find of her hehehehe.

Pps. Helpful hint/bribe: if you also want this honor, you should continue to read and/or enjoy Teabeans.

Ppps. I really do have lots to post, I swear -- hats a go go. You know how these holidays go blahblahexcuseblah.



mrs c said...

Good pick for reader of the month Katiebeans!

Arwen said...

Congrats Jill!