Monday, December 7, 2009

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Hat

This weekend was a ridiculously fun and festive! I hit the Grand Central light show, ate tapas, & hit Bryant Park for shopping and a carousel ride (or two) with my gnomes on Friday. On Saturday, I went to the Bryant Park holiday fair with Brooke; and then we watched LOST all day with Christine. During that time, I made a super festive hat for my Sunday holiday festivities with my hottie!!! Enjoy a few pics:

HO HO HO in Rockefeller center! HO HO HO in Central Park!
HO HO HO in Central Park some more!

Iron Martin and I also hit the Union Square fair and trimmed our tree while enjoying some holiday music, wine, and cheese! Then we had smores and watched Elf.
I love Christmas!!!! Hopefully I can make a stocking for myself this week so Marty's doesn't start to get lonely.
Ps. I made up this pattern using size H hook in a typical beanie style and adding ear flaps. I drew out the HO HO HO pattern in my notebook and the letters are 2 stitches thick.