Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Itty Bitty Lucy Beret

Oh baby! When Kate asked me to make her a hat I just knew I had to throw in a little beret for her newborn niece/twin sister's daughter, Lucy.
How freakin adorable is she???

I mentioned something to Kate before getting started, and she told me pink would be good since they didn't know the gender until birth. I just had to go girly so I followed this crochet beret pattern with highly successful results! See detail here.

If only I knew how to crochet a bebe field hockey stick...


Kate said...

haha! Field hockey stick!! Love it. The baby beret turned out so well. Oh TeaBeans...you are so talented!

Laura said...

I second Kate's comment that you are so talented! I was very excited to see Lucy has made it into the blogosphere! Up next, maybe a baby field hockey kilt???

P.S. We get TONS of compliments on her hat. Are you selling this style on Etsy.com?