Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sweater is Better

I think this would be an easy enough project. I found it here.
This reminds me of the crocheted flower cardigan I made for my sister, (crummy) detail seen here. It also reminds me of another project I want to do, which is basically flower appliques a-go-go, an example can be seen here.

Tonight goin go home... snug my cat... have some tea and a burnt grilled cheese sammy... and make something cute! Should I work on Arwen's hat... my leaf headband... a present for my mom... or a new ruffle top pattern I bought?! Maybe if the yarn has arrived I should work on Brooke's snowflake hat?! One thing is for sure... I need to update my long long list of projects!

Also, who o who will be my reader of the month in January? STAY TUNED!

1 comment:

Arwen said...

I vote for me! No, really, I vote for your mom. My head can wait :)