Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have a Holly, Jelly Christmas!

I had to make this jellyfish Christmas ornament for Iron Martin!
I got my inspiration from (read: totally ripped off) Anthropologie's ocean-themed ornaments, pictured below!
Using Red Heart holiday yarn in Red/Silver, I used hdch to make a button, and strings of chs as tentacles.

I am WAY into the holiday spirit, and I am trying to get Iron Martin to be festive too. fraqqqqqq (note: Mr. Kitten just stepped on my keyboard and wrote that.) Anyways, ornaments keep speaking to me, but Marty has little holiday spirit. Enter: jellyfish ornament. Not only is this super cute and festive, but it also has significance. This year at the beach, as we were sitting at the dock waiting to go on a boat ride, I watched as Iron Martin sloooooooowly pointed a finger toward a jellyfish. I exclaimed, "what are you doing!" To which he replied, "I was going to poke it!" Um, durr. It was adorable and hilarious. Much like this jellyfish crochet ornament.

I am going to take more pics once it is on our tree!
Do you have any awesome DIY holiday ornaments??


Roses said...

I think it's totally hilarious that your cat swears in Battlestar Galactica language!


Katiebeans said...

HAHAHA i love battlestar... my boyfriend couldnt believe it when i told him what i wrote!

Arwen said...