Friday, November 27, 2009

By the Chimney with Care

'Twas the day after Thanksgiving, when all through the house, um something about a mouse, and Katiebeans finished a stocking for Iron Martin! I will crochet him into the Christmas spirit! He seems to really like it, and maybe he will get a nice crochet hat inside!

I was looking all around the interwebs for a cool crochet stocking, but all I could find were SO cheesey and mostly shaped like perfect Ls. Lo and behold the holiday yarn I bought actually had a free freaking pattern on the label. You can check it out here. I actually made my stocking with hdch instead of sc (oops!), and I inserted a snowflake pattern I found here. Also, instead of the cuff shown on the pattern, I did a ribbing stitch (3 fpdc - 1 bpdc). I think it looked more masculine for my boy. I also added a red over stitch on the heel to make it look more country-home.

I hope you are getting into the spirit!


Roses said...

Neato! I never thought I could crochet a stocking.

I've been working on a tree skirt, myself. I'm using a pattern similar to this one ( with green RedHeart (which I found at a rummage sale this summer), and every ten rows, I... dc-chain one-skip one... all the way across so I can weave in red and white strands of yarn to make stripes later.

Katiebeans said...

Cool! Send me a pic when you finish it! If I could fit a real tree in my tiny apt, I might think of doing that too :-)

Iron Martin said...

I love it! You are the bbbest!

Roses said...

Come on over!
I posted a pic for you!