Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mega Mini Mini Minies

TeaBeans mini-updates/week in review...

Uno: Made a hat to sell on Etsy! Need some time to take pics and get it up there.

Dos: Started another hat to sell on Etsy. Kicked cat off my lap FOUR times, and FOUR times he came back to snuggle aka interfere with my crocheting.

Tres: Sent a couple hats to an old friend. Piggytails crossed that she likes them!

Quatro: Ordered some holiday yarn for a holiday project for another old friend. Excited to try something totally new!!!

Cinco: New Iron Martin beanie proving difficult. Loving the yarn color, hating the yarn. Half-finished project currently on mantle.

Seis: Foot injury hurt hurt hurts. Foresee more depression/hat making in the nearest future. Current Katiebeans is angry at Past Katiebeans for her decision to run 3 miles as fast as possible one day + 3 mile run on outdoor track another day. (For the record, did 3.5 in 8 min/mi pace... not bad for 6 months off!)

Siete: Next week imma try to post some sterf. But it's birfday week so I can't make any promises!


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