Monday, April 13, 2009


Hello! Katiebeans is back on the blog. Updates to report:

- Iron Martin and I are settled in our new, cozy, breezy, sunshiney, lofty loft! All I can say is we are in love with our crooked nook! Every morning, I walk through a tunnel of blossoming trees, and it makes my day. These fleurs are inspring for some crochet accessories!

- I have been learning about how to make a bathing suit, and how to "kill" fabrics so that they are immutable. The last thing you need is a bathing suit stretching sagging around in weird places! Unless that's your thing. Thing rhymes with Spring.

- I am now 20 blocks from my old crochet shop, KnitNewYork. (Although, as I post this, I just saw they are moving locations?) The good news is, there is another shop right around the corner! GottaKnit is definitely less hip & trendy, but I never "hung out" at KnitNY anyways. Plus GottaKnit had size B, C, and D hooks, which is all I needed!

- I noticed some crochet necklaces at Urban Outfitters the other day. I think Katiebeans can bang one of these guys out, what do you think?

Happy Spring! Let's crochet our faces off and spend the summer on the beach!

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Arwen, Wildlife Warrior said...

I think you should most definitely "bang on out" (that's what she said. hehe) for me! I'll buy the yarn and everything!