Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Starfish & Swirls Crocheted Necklace

Yay! I finally made something new! I finally made good on all those necklace "inspiration" posts. Check it out.
I initially had meant for this to look like flowers, but the five prongs on the flowers make me think of starfish and seashells, which I also love! Here are a couple close ups:
I used size G6/4.00 MM hook, and the same shiny yarn that I use for other accessories here, here, and here. The circles are row 1 - 12 dc, row 2 - 24 dc, row 3 - 36 dc, with a row of slst along the outside. The starfish flowers are 5 picots. The chain is 50 ch, turn, slst back. Pretty simple, but I do always drive myself nuts weaving in the ends.
I feel so beachy! Too bad summer is over! I really need to go to Michael's craft store to get some clasps for the end of the necklace... but we all know where Michael's is...
I hope you like it! If anyone wants to buy, let me know, and I can put it up on my Etsy shop!



Molly Proxy said...

Love it! Except why is it no man's land?

Katiebeans said...

haha... upperwest side?? i just IS no man's land.