Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nautical Trial

I ordered some awesome nautical rubber stamps for use somehow in my wedding decor.  The stamp designs are AWESOME, but they were sent as just a flat rubber pad.  You have to cut them out of the pad and mount them to something to stamp them.  Saturday, Marty and I tested them out.  We picked a stamp that was small and that we didn't love (in Marty's case, didn't know what the image even was) as a test.  I cut it out (per the instructions) and hot glued it to a water bottle cap (not per the instructions).  Marty wrote "Test 1" on a notecard, which was totally cute.  Here is Test 1 in blue ink:
There wasn't a Test 2 haha.  JK JK there were a few other tests, but I don't want to share them here bc it could give away an awesome wedding craft idea that someone might steal and use before I get to, and I am not really very good at sharing.

Finally, I will leave you with the image that I was left with as I headed out for brunch Sunday morning:
Future hubs/cat baby totem pole.  I am a fan.


Roses said...

I love how they both have the same expression on their faces.

Mindy said...

I am so excited to see what becomes of those stamps-super secret wedding stuff!!! Also, that photo is adorbs. Now, who the hell in Carlisle, PA keeps checking this dang blog!?!?!?

CrochetBlogger said...

I have never seen a stamp that was sent in that form. Weird. The idea is definitely awesome though.

Katiebeans said...

@crochetblogger.. yeah! i dont know how to mount them? i should research that.
@roses... like father like son!!!
@mindo, if you ever stop reading my blog i will die. you are my motivation!!