Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Which Craft?

Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.  Is there anyone home?

The weather has been comfortably numb comfortable and cooler lately, which always makes me feel the impending cozy crochet time of year: Fall!  Project Runway, beers, piles of yarn, shooing cats away.  And the best part is that I will officially be Mrs. Iron Martin this time around!

I have been busy as ever finalizing the crafty details of my wedding... programs, placecards, welcome bags, and table numbers.  I am hand-stamping everything, and I am really excited to share with you.  I am also planning on wearing the crochet bathing suit I made in Maui on my 'moon so I will snap a pic of that for you!

Anyways, thanks for dropping by, anybody.  Whacho think of these ideas?  If anyone comments me AT ALL, I will make the project they vote for (what a lame prize haha)!
- Synched up front on a cozy hat
- Chevron stitch hat for a boy
- Surfer friendship cuff bracelet

Mrs. Marty-to-be-in-39-days


Roses said...

How awesome you are making so many of your own wedding treats!

Remember, the most important items in your wedding are the bride and groom. Everything else is just a delightful detail.

Best wishes!

Katiebeans said...

THANK YOU! I needed that bc I have been having major friends/family drama. The crafty stuff has actually been a nice distraction :-)

Pam Selle said...

I vote friendship bracelet!

Diane said...

Hi. I'd like to vote for the booy's chevron hat.
Words of wisdom from a friend of mine.....Remember to "enjoy" your special day...