Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kathleen Vintage Button Earrings

A while back Katiebeans purchased some button-style earrings from Urban Outfitters. The earrings were on sale for very cheap, but originally priced close to $12. Katiebeans loved the earrings, but almost immediately they broke. The earrings were easily repairable with a hot glue gun, so Katiebeans figured, why not make her own real vintage button earrings for cheap?

I bought about 4,000 earring backs from a craft store and set out for Go Fish! in Brooklyn to find some cheap vintage buttons. The buttons were ridiculously cheap and ridiculously awesome. I lalalalalove the color and plaid texture of the Bay Blue Buttons. The Wedding White really stand out when you wear them, and they also have a very cool texture. The Galaxy Black Buttons are shiney and swirly.

Some of the buttons I bought had metal protruding (to be sewn to clothing, in the normal fashion for buttons). I broke the metal with pliers, and the earring backs were big enough to cover over any dangerous metal shards. All I did was apply hot glue, and Voila! Kathleen Vintage Button Earrings a-go-go. I bought extras in case they broke; and while only one actually broke so far, an unforseen

accident involving a Wedding White earring and black eye makeup also rendered the spares useful!

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