Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cherry On Top Lampshade

Say Hella to the Cherry On Top Lampshade.
Went to Goodwill to grab me some plates to smash; and what did I see as I waited in a long long line reading Nick & Norah but an awesome cherry print Anne Taylor dress. Perfect for a lampshade for my new owly lamp! Iron Martin surprised me with a killer shadeless owl lamp when I was a coughing bronchiosauras (he knows I'm an owl fan), and I've been on a search for the perfect shade since. When I was in Sonoma soaking up the sun, I saw some amazing shades from Found Images. I thought maybe I could buy one or make something cool. Since I already had a lampshade that I had painted water color on, I decided to strip 'er nekky and clothe 'er in cherries.

I hurt my back in the process, but crafties are worth it! I love my new owly cherry lamp! I used a #2 perfect glue , which happened to bind fabric and metal--fortuitous for Katiebeans as it was the only perfect glue I had left. The bottom was measured to fit the base. Taking the top part of the fabric as a square, I glued four corners equidistant from each other like a mini square on the top ring of the shade. I folded the excess fabric over.

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