Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blushing Flame Floves

HELLA. Katiebeans here to announce the long-awaited coming of the Blushing Flame Floves. Over a year ago Katiebeans started making herself some awesome fingerless gloves from some awesome pink/orange/black speckles yarn. Until that point, she had only made squares out of double chain...blankets, purses, scarves that looked like crap. Then when her awesome friend & Theta-baby Tiff was sleeping on her awesome couch, making an awesome blanket, she taught Katiebeans how to make rows of crochet that go back and forth (not just in circles). This revolutionized crochet, and Katiebeans decided she could make a super complicated article of clothing without any pattern whatsover. Making it up as she goes along is her crochet style.

This winter, Katiebeans picked up her bag of 5 awkwardly-shaped and mismatched pink/orange/black speckled floves from last season and set forth making two cute, matching floves. After a bottle of wine, a season of The Office, and three movies with Brooke, Katiebeans has finally completed her dream of farking awesome floves. BEHOLD:

Ok so this picture proves there is one flove, but trust lady Katiebeans: there be two. The wrist is hdc on the back loop only (to fit) then stictched up the side with sc. The hand is dch with turns to fit, as are the fingers. They aren't a perfect fit because Katiebeans was trying to eat cookies and crochet at the same time, but did you expect them to fit like a GLOVE?!?!

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