Friday, January 4, 2008

CircleVK Mosaic Cross

Welcome to the viewing of Katiebeans's first commissioned piece, the CircleVK Mosaic Cross. After seeing my owl table, my aunt requested a green and maroon cross for her ranch in Texas. The ranch is pretty country-home in decor so I wanted the cross to look rustic.

I ordered a hideous teal colored cross with a wooden dove glued on the front off of ebay. I pried the dove off, chiseling away at the hot glue that was attractively visible around the edges of the dove. $10 well spent. Then I created a design on a paper outline with pre-cut stone mosaic pieces from an art supply store. I applied pre-mixed grout to the cross and pressed on the stone pieces.

I am happy with the result, but the grout is a little too white to feel rustic to me.

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