Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crocheted Sunhat

Remember the ordeal that was the raffia sunhat of 2009? I probably have at least five or six posts about that, which I won't bother linking to here because we don't really need to relive that. Yargh!

Well I finally decided that purchasing a crochet raffia sunhat instead of making one was probably the best way to go. And here it is! I got it at National Jean Co. It's a very cool shell stitch, that would probably not be that hard to make... if you had 4,000 years, hands of steel, and a full skein of raffia instead of 10,000 pieces of 2 ft long raffia leaves that you have to tie together every two stitches.
I wore it for the first time picnicking in Central Park this weekend with some friends. Hahaha did anyone ever see The Jerk with Steve Martin? You know those glasses with nobs he invents that make everyone go cross-eyed? I felt like I was going wall-eyed with these horse blinders on either side of my head! It does look cute though. Waaay cuter than whatever the heck I was making last year! Also my friends look cute too... even without crocheted sunhats!

1 comment:

Roses said...

Your friends are cute! But imagine how much cuter they'd be wearing your hat!

(*gasp* They just might be as cute as you!)