Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Craft" Beer

Well hello there!  I have been meaning to crochet ALL week long, but things are always so mega busy.  I am training for another half marathon, and I have been promoted to shift leader at the cat shelter.  Plus, I do occasionally like to go out with peeps and gnomes.  

So then, I was planning to crochet this weekend while Iron Martin was off being Mister Nike Guy.  But instead... this is what I ended up doing... running by the river; sleeping waaay too late; watching reality TV, teen flicks, and romantic comedies; eating junk food; drinking delicious seasonal beers; being the last person on Earth to read that Dragon Tattoo book; buying Iron Martin Halloween treats; and doing all sorts of bloring chores like handwashing clothing swap items and painting my nails.
I will end on a crafty, blog-worthy note though!  As I was changing out my summer clothes to my winter clothes, I came upon this crafty item that Iron Martin made for me on my 25th birthday.  He screenprinted the Pearl Jam stickman (designed by my favorite member of Pearl Jam, Jeff Ament) onto a tshirt of my favoritest color!  The stickman is saying "so down with KMart! WOOOT!" Katiebeans + Iron Martin = Kmart

Talk to you soon - with a new crocheted project!



Roses said...

After a lifetime of doing one crochet project at a time, I am currently working on several things at once:

- two baby blankets
- a hooded scarf (to replace the one I made for myself last year)
- and finishing an afghan I found half-started in a box of second-hand yarn

When I'm done with those (ha ha, now there's a funny joke), I've got yarn enough to make another baby blanket, a wool hat for The Husband, and another afghan using the pattern of that half-started second-hand afghan.

I just finished a Cartman hat for a co-worker who loves South Park.

I'm starting to worry about myself.

Roses said...

Oh yeah, and I made Gryfindor scarves for every member of my family so we could go to opening night of Deathly Hallows in style.

But do I have pics of anything?
Because I suck.

Katiebeans said...

i don't know how you do it! if i try to do multiple projects at once i will inevitably forget the pattern i was planning or what hook i was using and have to start all over. you definitely need to start taking pics!!