Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chained Melody

Happy Fall, y'all!  I went ahead and made another chained scarf with the yarn I had bought to make another owl hat.  Also, I forgot to mention last time, I used a size J hook.  Anyways, it's a totally festive scarf, and I LOVE being festive!  

Below are pics of me wearing it the two different ways, and one pic with my owl hat too.  I also included a close up of the scarf, and a couple festive pics of Halloween gummy bears and fall potpourri!  Trust me, it is way more festive in the Kmart household than these pics indicate, but probably way too festive for you to handle.  Gotta keep the festivity to a minimum in blog world.  Happy Halloween!
Ps. THANKS to that cutie Iron Martin for taking the pics!

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